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The Drawer in the In-Cab Battery Cabinet Rattles (resolved)

TL;DR - I replaced the only metal component in the cabinet with wood, and the rattling is gone!

The inside of the cab is remarkably quiet(er) ever since I sound deadened everything. However, my dual battery cabinet has been rattling almost since I installed it. The problem is that the ball bearing drawer slide - the only metal bit of the cabinet - isn't stiff enough to resist the constant shaking, and so rattles as I go over bumpy terrain. I've tried a couple things to prevent the rattling, but nothing has worked to my satisfaction.

These metal drawer slides move easily, but have too much play in them for a bumpy environment and make the interior of the Tacoma way too noisy.

The solution - I realized - was to remove the metal drawer slide completely, and replace it with wooden runners. These runners can be nice and tight, and because they are wooden, any "rattling" will be absorbed and deadened by the wood itself.

Prepping the wooden runners.

I used the installation of my new scheel-mann Vario R seats - when I ran the seat heater circuits to the electrical control panel in the drawer - to perform this upgrade, and the cabinet has been rattle-free ever since.

Peace and quiet on adjustable wooden runners.

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