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Oil spray in engine bay

TL;DR - I don't really know what this is, but I'm going to keep monitoring it. Hopefully it's nothing.

A couple times during the last (Roaming Around Rainier) trip, when I opened the hood to connect the air compressor and air up the tires, I noticed that there was some sort of oily looking splatter on the timing cover. At first, I thought it might just be water from a puddle, but eventually I was convinced it was some sort of oil-based substance. My guess was that it was one of either power steering fluid or A/C oil from the work that I did on the A/C. After a bit more investigation when I got home, I've ruled out A/C oil, since it doesn't glow under UV light (and I added UV dye when I filled the A/C). I don't see power steering fluid leaking anywhere, but quite a bit of it leaked out of the reservoir and into various nooks and crannies, so I'm betting that it's finally just leaking back out and once it's done that, I won't have a problem. Fingers crossed.


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