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Replacing the Hood Insulator

Ready to protect the paint for another bunch-o-thousand miles.

TL;DR - Just a little bit of maintenance, replacing the insulator under the hood. Easy and done.

For a long time, my hood insulator has been falling apart. I probably didn't help the situation by trying to pressure wash it once to get some of the dust and dirt out. I resisted getting a new one, because Toyota wants over $250 for an OEM (53341-35010) one. I even looked into making my own high-temperature blanket to cover the old one and eek a few more years out of it. Finally, I did a search on eBay and found that there is an aftermarket replacement from Detroit Muscle Technologies for between $40 (non-foil backed) and $55 (foil backed). I ordered one up, it fit perfectly - including the replacement clips that it came with - and now this probably-doesn't-do-much blanket is no longer drooping down onto my engine as I bounce down the road.

My original insulator has seen better days.

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