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Rig Review: What worked and what didn't - Sep 2021?

September 12, 2021.

Whereas my previous update was several months in the making, it seems that I've already got several updates regarding the Tacoma after my trip to Canada and a few days in California, so let's get right down to it.

Hella HIDs fail to turn on (resolved)

The Hella's (and the related HID components) were never the actual problem.

TL;DR - My Hella's are working again, and the problem wasn't the Hella's or the HID upgrade at all. It was my Bussmann relay/fuse block.

Relentless Skid Plate Attachment (resolved)

It's always fun to drill a square hole.

TL;DR - I finally got off my butt and fixed the skid plate by cutting a square hole so I can use a carriage bolt to secure it to the transmission crossmember, rather than the small welded ears that kept breaking off.

Diode Dynamics SS3 Pro Fog Lights Impressions

In this photo, note the clearly defined beams of the fogs and Hellas, with a nice transitional area between the two. Additionally, note how much yellow light reaches the mountainside some quarter-mile away.

TL;DR - I love these lights.

Verifying Offline Maps Prior to Departure

The Accuterra maps I had with me (left) vs. some actually useful maps I should have downloaded (right).

TL;DR - I got lazy with my offline maps this trip, since they've become so "easy" for me over the years, and it really bit me in the butt.

Replacing the Hood Insulator

Ready to protect the paint for another bunch-o-thousand miles.

TL;DR - Just a little bit of maintenance, replacing the insulator under the hood. Easy and done.

Rear Axle Housing is Cracked

To say I was not happy upon noticing this would be the understatement of the day.

TL;DR - My rear axle housing cracked at the passenger spring perch. I've ordered a new axle housing.

Seemingly solved from previous Rig Reviews

  1. Relentless Skid Plate Attachment
  2. Hella HIDs fail to turn on, sometimes

Unchanged / Still an issue from previous Rig Reviews

There are some things that have been featured in Rig Reviews that are - as yet - unchanged from when I originally reviewed them. Rather than highlight those things again, I'll simply link to them here.

  1. Oil Leaking from Transfer Case
  2. The Drawer in the In-Cab Battery Cabinet Rattles
  3. Front ADS Coilover Spherical Bearings
  4. The Zipper on the CVT Tent is Shit
  5. I Need New Seats
  6. My Steering Rack is Leaking
  7. My Suspension Squeaks





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