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Sticky Roof Top Tent Cover Zipper

TL;DR - The tent is still great, but I've got some qualms with the tarp/cover - part of it is coming unstitched, and the zipper sucks whenever it gets dusty.

I won't go into all the reasons I like my CVT Mt. Shasta tent - there are many. On this last trip, two issues that have been simmering over time came to the forefront. First, the cover has some reinforced areas that keep the ladder on the top of the tent from rubbing through. One of those patches has started to come unstitched, and I'll need to re-sew it. Second - and more importantly - it is getting harder and harder to zip the cover when I've been in dusty terrain. This has happened for a while now. I'm 100% sure this is due to the fact that the dust gets onto the zipper and zipper mechanism, and causes friction. In the short term (last few trips) I've been able to blow forcefully into the zipper mechanism when this happens to "clear out" some of the dust, allowing the zipper to move again for a few more inches. Longer term, I need a better solution.

I feel like this problem - dust when camping - was predictable and could have been designed around. It's one of the great things about a GFC, and one of the things that worries me about GFCs new Superlite.

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