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ADS 2.5" Coilovers with Remote Reservoirs Need Limit Straps

TL;DR - I need limit straps to prevent the shocks from over-extending, which can lead to shock tower failure.

Ever since I installed the ADS Coilovers, I've liked them. They've been higher maintenance than previous setups I've used, but their performance has outweighed that maintenance in my opinion. One of the things that's been an issue from the beginning is that they seem slightly shorter than the shocks I've had installed previously - like maybe ½-inch shorter.

This length issue causes them to fully extend, making a clunking sound, more quickly than other shocks I've run. I initially tried to fix this issue by removing "preload" (which is really just lowering the resting height, preload isn't changed) in an earlier rig review. That has worked well, but there are still conditions where I get the clunking - especially if I'm going faster over terrain.

The problem - or potential problem - if I don't do anything about this situation, is that each time the coilovers "clunk," they are pulling down on the shock tower. This downward force is different than the normal force on the shock tower, and - I believe - is what causes shock tower failure similar to the one that the Redhead had on our 2019 trip to Colorado.

The solution is to install limit straps, and I'll be doing that soon. I've already received the ones I ordered.

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