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Upgraded, Dual-Battery, Electrical System

TL;DR - the dual battery system is working amazingly great. It was extremely nice to not have to worry about powering the fridge, even when the overnight temps were in the 50°F's.

The dual battery setup I recently built worked flawlessly, and the plywood cabinet hasn't rattled apart into a bunch of pieces. The two Northstar 24F batteries, and the Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR were spectacular - all working in tandem and keeping the truck's electrical system in tip-top shape for the entire trip.

I never realized how much time I spent worrying about whether the fridge ran at night (and whether the battery would have enough juice to start the truck in the morning) before I had two batteries. This trip, it was a relief every time I heard the fridge power up, knowing that there was nothing to worry about.

I did have one issue with the initial build-out: the drawer would slide out when bumping down a hill. A simple catch to hold it closed was all I needed and now it stays in place just fine.

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