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The Swing-Out Table (Needs Improvement)

TL;DR - conceptually the fold-down-and-out table is cool but I need to rework how the far corner is supported for it to be useful. Oh, and it can't have any wooden components, since they swell up in wet weather.

It was just before The Re-Tour that I fabricated the fold-down-and-out table on the swing-out. On the trip, it sort-of-worked a couple times. However, there were two fatal flaws:

  1. It was never really level - the weight of the stove caused the far (unsupported) corner to sag. Note the rocks supporting the stove in the photo below.
  2. It never worked after it got wet (the third night) because the wood supports swelled up and were "stuck" in the closed position.

I've got ideas about how to fix all of this with a second revision of the table, but for now, the initial prototype has served its purpose and is coming off the truck. Or at least, I'm not planning to use it as-is anymore.


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