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Left Behind (Jan 2023)

There are several places that I've wanted to check out in Death Valley for quite some time, but that haven't fit into the route or schedule for previous trips. Hoping to knock off a bunch of those places that I've "left behind," I set about planning a route that would take us along West Side Road and the eastern escarpment of the Panamint Mountains. From there, we'd repeatedly climb into the canyons, exploring the mines, narrow passages, and vistas that each had to share. It would - I thought - be a lot like our trip along the Nadeau Trail, or our recent foray into the Inyos.

In fact, it was nothing of the sort.

With the best of intentions, things got off to an overscheduled start when, at the last moment, I threw another "left behind" location - the Keane Wonder Mine - into the mix.

In the end, we had a fabulous time, but left behind more than half of the canyons we'd hoped to explore. Oh, and we left behind something even more surprising...

The Tacoma itself.



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