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Blackstone Labs Oil Test (2024) - Still Happy

The full report, minus my deets.

TL;DR - I had my second oil analysis done. With 260K miles on the Tacoma, everything still seems happy.

Since my first oil analysis, I've been curious to see how the engine is doing. That test came back way better than I'd expected, and I hoped it wasn't a fluke. I'd planned to do an oil analysis annually, but I completely forgot to toss the little collection canister under the truck when I changed the oil in the winter of 2023. Since I don't have the Tacoma home that much anymore, I had to wait for my next oil change, which happened three months "late" in March 2024.

DAN: The V-6 powering your Tacoma looks good in this side-by-side comparison to the sample you sent in November/December 2022. Iron, from steel parts like the crankshaft, cylinders, and valvetrain, increased a bit but is still within healthy ranges compared to your last sample as well as averages. That reading tends to fluctuate the most with miles on the oil and how the vehicle is used. We expect metals like aluminum (pistons) and copper (bronze bushings) to stay steady no matter the miles, and they are. Very nice report here from this sample taken in March this year.


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