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Rig Review - Spring 2024

April 30, 2024

The first third of the year is in the books, and it's time to take stock of what's been working well, what's gotten a bit of attention, and what still needs to be addressed with my setup.

This will cover things that have happened over the course of the following trips:

So, let's get into it!


Torsion to Linear Clutch Spring Replacement

Out with the old, in with the new.

TL;DR - The linear clutch pedal spring I installed is working great. Everyone with a torsion spring on their clutch pedal should do this proactively.

CBI Tire Carrier #Fail

That's not right. And it's also not good!

TL;DR - The welds on the CBI tire carrier failed on the trail. Once I realized that my welds on it hadn't failed, but those from CBI had, I laughed at the entire situation.

First Impressions of Electric Socks
Blackstone Labs Oil Test (2024) - Still Happy

The full report, minus my deets.

TL;DR - I had my second oil analysis done. With 260K miles on the Tacoma, everything still seems happy.

I'm Removing the LutzAuto Speedo Correction Device

TL;DR - After installing my second LutzAuto Speedometer Correction Device, I've started having trouble - the speedometer jumps randomly from 0 - 130mph - with it again. As such, I'm removing it and I'll just do math to correct my odometer readings for MPG averages.

This device has such promise.

Chevy 63 Leaf Springs - First Impressions

TL;DR - the ride on the Chevy 63s is great, but I have a little too much lift, so I'll be removing a single leaf.

Not even fully flexed out, it's nice to see the tire easily drop down to - essentially - the bottom of the wheel well.


Seemingly solved from previous Rig Reviews

  1. The Rear Diff is Weeping - I didn't fix the weeping in particular, but with the new rear axle housing, the third member got a new FIPG seal and everything is good to go!
  2. The Clutch Spring is Worn Out - solved as noted above

Unchanged / Still an issue from previous Rig Reviews

There are some things that have been featured in Rig Reviews that are - as yet - unchanged from when I originally reviewed them. Rather than highlight those things again, I'll simply link to them here.

  1. The Transmission is Leaking
  2. My Suspension Squeaks
  3. Skid plate attachment could be better


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