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Front ADS Coilover Spherical Bearings (update)

TL;DR - The spherical bearings are doing OK, but I think that's temporary.

With a new set of spherical bearings from ADS installed just before the first Owyhee trip, the bearings seemed to do just fine through the two trips. However, after chatting with a few folks, I'm convinced that the current bearings I'm using won't be my long term solution. The current bearings are standard COM10-T bearings - steel with a Teflon liner. The steel rusts, and that rust then acts like sandpaper, quickly destroying the liner. So, I'm going to use up my current stock of COM10-T's and then I'm going to try some stainless steel FK bearings (FKSSX-10T). The idea - perhaps obviously - is that the stainless steel won't rust, thereby prolonging the life of the Teflon (and bearing). If that doesn't work, I'm going to look into making my own rubber/poly bushings to replace the spherical bearing in the lower shock eye.

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