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Rig Review - Twice in Owyhee - What worked and what didn't?

May 24, 2020.

Our last two trips have both been to the Owyhee area of southeastern Oregon and western Idaho - Into the Owyhee Uplands and Owyhee Redux. The truck performed well on each trip, but as always there are little tweaks I want to make to the setup, so let's dive in to the rig review.

Front ADS Coilover Spherical Bearings (update)

TL;DR - The spherical bearings are doing OK, but I think that's temporary.

Second (House) Battery Replaced

TL;DR - The (warranty) replacement battery is working great!

Propane Bottle is Leaking (update)

TL;DR - I threw away the leaky bottle and got a few used bottles to fill and use on future trips.

Cooper ST/Maxx Tires

TL;DR - I've really liked the ST Maxx tires, but they are on their last legs. Time to start a search for replacements.

It's Noisy in the Cab

TL;DR - I wish it were easier to hear podcasts, and that the long stretches on the highway were a little quieter.

The Air Conditioning Doesn't Work

TL;DR - I need to replace the evaporator core inside the cab of the Tacoma so we can get cold air again.

Seemingly solved from previous Rig Reviews

  1. Front ADS Coilover Spherical Bearings - "solved" in that I know they are going to require constant maintenance for a while.
  2. Second (House) Battery Seems to be low - completely fixed with a new battery.
  3. Propane Bottle is Leaking - threw it away, got some new-to-me second hand bottles that don't leak.
  4. Mobilinkd TNC 2 failure (APRS) - it's been working for the last two trips, so I'm calling it fixed. Plus, I know how to fix it if it fails again in the future so...

Unchanged / Still an issue from previous Rig Reviews

There are some things that have been featured in Rig Reviews that are - as yet - unchanged from when I originally reviewed them. Rather than highlight those things again, I'll simply link to them here.

  1. The Ham Radio Antenna
  2. Oil Leaking from Transfer Case
  3. Relentless Skid Plate Attachment
  4. The Windshield Has Seen Better Days



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