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Garage Door Opener in Headliner Needs Fixing (resolved)

If you have a garage, this is a great way to get in, conveniently.

TL;DR - An appropriately sized (slightly thicker) spacer between the opener and the roof of the Tacoma makes the opener work quite a bit better!

Fixing the garage door opener that I installed in the headliner couldn't have been easier. It turns out that there was about ½" of space between the top of the Homelink opener and the metal roof, so I simply taped a piece of plywood to the top of the opener and shoved it back in place. Now, the cover is easier to attach, and pushing on the buttons doesn't put any strain on the clips that hold the cover to the opener, since the pressure simply transfers to the roof. This really is a great mod, and one that I highly recommend.

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