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A Small Mod to My Ham Radio Antenna

A few seconds with the grinder, and I've reduced the threaded section by 1/8" or so. Problem solved!

TL;DR - The NMO mount on my Ham Antenna was just a little too deep, and the antenna would contact the roof when it was tightened down, leading to rust. I've fixed that with a bit of judicious grinding.

I've really liked the Diamond NR770HBNMO Mobile Antenna and NMO mount that I have installed in the roof of the Tacoma for the Kenwood D710G dual-band ham radio. The antenna tunes up nicely, and I constantly get good reception. Having solved my problem of hitting trees (see Winter 2021 Rig Review), the final thing I needed to fix with the Diamond was to reduce the depth of the threaded connection slightly so that it doesn't contact the roof when installed. This isn't something that is constant, but it appears to contact the roof intermittently when the antenna hits a branch, and there's a bit of rust on the roof.

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