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I Broke my Kartek Limit Straps, And Replacement

Turns out, adjustment wasn't what was needed.

TL;DR - My dirver side limit strap in the front broke. I replaced it.

When I was up in Canada with Mike, I mentioned one day that it felt like I needed to (finally) adjust my limit straps because my side shock seemed to be bottoming out when I would go into full droop. Of course, that bottoming out is what can cause shock tower destruction - due to the enormous change in force - and was the reason I installed limit straps in the first place.

I was surprised to see these straps break, but I suppose they are a wear item. Figuring that the passenger side might be ready to go soon as well, I ordered up three more 7" straps from Kartk - to amortize the cost of shipping - and installed a new strap in just a few minutes.

Ready to protect my shock towers, again.

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