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Rig Review - What worked and what didn't for the last five months?

September 2, 2022.

Overall, the Tacoma has been doing great since my last rig review back in March, so I haven't felt any need to write anything about it. Still, there have been a few things worth noting on the last several trips, so let's get down to it.

OMG, this review covers a lot of trips!

ADS Coilover Spherical Bearings (resolved)

Replacing spherical bearings on the front coilover. Note that the (left) FKSSX10T-F1 bearings from the lower eye show almost no rust (since they are stainless steel) after replacement, while the (right) upper bearing FKS10T-F1 (hardened steel) shows significant rust.

TL;DR - I'm convinced that switching to extra tight stainless steel spherical bearings is the way to go, and I have numbers to prove it.

Skid Plate "Fun" (ongoing)

The persuader.

TL;DR - While I think that Relentless armor is some of the best out there, the mounting of the skid plates could have been better and is causing me a bit of trouble over the years (because I lightly beat the truck).

Front Bump Stops - More Durobumps

1st gen Tacoma front LCA Durobumps. The bump on the left is for the front hole of the LCA; the angled bump on the right is for the rear.

TL;DR - I've really liked all of the bump stops from Durobumps, so I've installed a second set on the front lower control arms!

I Broke my Kartek Limit Straps, And Replacement

Turns out, adjustment wasn't what was needed.

TL;DR - My dirver side limit strap in the front broke. I replaced it.

Worn Upper Control Arm Bushings Leads to Updated SPC UCAs

My original SPC UCAs with sleeved poly bushings on the left; new UCAs with the X-Axis joint on the right.

TL;DR - the last time I got an alignment, the tech mentioned that the rear passenger side bushing on the upper control arm (UCA) was starting to get a bit loose. After some consideration, I decided to install completely new UCAs, with lifetime joints so I never have to worry about those bushings again.

The Bed is Failing (Cracking)

That is certainly not supposed to look like it does.

TL;DR - The passenger front corner of the bed cracked all the way down to the bed floor. I've fixed it, for now.

New Lower Ball Joints (Normal Maintenance)

Out with the old, in with the new.

TL;DR - I replaced the lower ball joints (LBJs) as preventative maintenance after 75K miles.

How are Those Expensive scheel-mann Seats Doing? (9-month review)

These seats are definitely the most expensive mod I've done to the Tacoma.

TL;DR - The new scheel-mann seats are doing fine. The jury is still out on whether they are worth it (and will be for several years, I think.

Interesting Times with Cooper ST/Maxx

Valve stems that insert from the outside!

TL;DR - My Cooper ST/Maxx tires finally gave me a bit of trouble. Still, I'll probably buy a 5th set when these wear out because they've performed better than any other tire I've seen others run on the trail.

Seemingly solved from previous Rig Reviews

  1. Front ADS Coilover Spherical Bearings

Unchanged / Still an issue from previous Rig Reviews

There are some things that have been featured in Rig Reviews that are - as yet - unchanged from when I originally reviewed them. Rather than highlight those things again, I'll simply link to them here.

  1. The Zipper on the CVT Tent is Shit
  2. My Suspension Squeaks



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One Comment

    JOHN MORAN October 16, 2022

    A lot of work there, interesting. I like that valve stem, pretty creative and I wonder why I haven't see someone making an item like that before.

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