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ADS 2.5" Coilovers - Need Limit Straps (resolved)

TL;DR - why didn't I install limit straps earlier. These things make the suspension so much more enjoyable.

After the trip to Colorado, I installed some Kartek limit straps, to protect my shock towers from the enormous changes in force I knew they were experiencing when my suspension fully unloaded over certain types of terrain. The difference on the trail was more dramatic than I could have imagined - this is perhaps my most favorite suspension upgrade of all time. It used to be that over whoops, or dropping down from large rocks/shelves, I would hear the front suspension unload, the coilover fully extending and a "clunk" as the control arm movement was limited by the length of the shock. Because I knew this wasn't good for the shock tower, I would frequently find myself slowing down significantly over terrain that I knew would cause this behavior. Even then, I'd still get a handful of "clunks" a day, and I'd cringe every time.

With the limit straps, that problem is gone. No more clunking, ever. Because the limit straps are transferring the force to the frame, rather than the coilover transferring it to the shock tower. So that's a great thing.

Or is it? On our trips down to Death Valley, I found that I was able to travel much faster than "normal," because I was no longer worried about the front suspension. But, I'll need to be careful - that faster travel will move stress to other parts of the truck, and that could mean cracking of other components. Damn you limit straps!

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