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I Need New Seats

Swapping seat bottoms isn't hard, and can eek a little more life out of existing seats at no cost.

TL;DR - After 21 years, my seats are worn out and I need to get new ones or refurbish the ones I've got.

It was somewhere in the middle of these trips that I really started to feel my seat being worn out. Until then, I'd felt like the Tacoma seats were pretty good - especially with the Wet Okole covers, and definitely better than the seats we had in the 4Runner (which had 270K miles). Over time though, the foam in the driver seat has worn out, and while it is still in fantastically good shape - compared to other 21-year-old seats - I've felt myself sinking into them more and more, and my back sometimes hurts after 18+ hour drives.

My initial shot at fixing things up was to buy a set of Corbeau Baja XRS seats, but I didn't find those as comfortable as others have. With a seat, comfort is king, so I've returned them and swapped seat bottoms between the driver and passenger side for the time being.

I think my next attempt at comfort is going to be a Scheel-Man seat. Pricey, but if you're going to splurge somewhere, this seems like the right place.

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