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How are Those Expensive scheel-mann Seats Doing? (9-month review)

These seats are definitely the most expensive mod I've done to the Tacoma.

TL;DR - The new scheel-mann seats are doing fine. The jury is still out on whether they are worth it (and will be for several years, I think.

I don't often post photos of the interior of the truck, but when I do, people always ask me about the seats. I wrote up the entire saga of finding new seats - which, if you're looking for a more comfortable ride is probably worth reading - as well as the installation and my initial impressions of the scheel-mann Vario R seats that I currently have installed.

I've had the scheel-mann seats for nine months now, and I continue to like them conceptually. My previous impressions - both good and bad - continue to be true. I do find myself wondering - for two main reasons - if I should have tried re-foaming my original seats prior to buying the scheel-mann:

  1. I am worried about the lack of seat covers. The seats still appear to be in great condition, but I know that with all the dirt and dust that they are subjected to, covers extend the life by a good margin. Like, years.
  2. Cost. Even if the cost doesn't really matter for me from a budget standpoint, I still feel like the cost of these seats was so great that I have a hard time justifying it. I probably should have spent half the amount on a really good re-foaming - perhaps adding larger bolsters in the process - to the OEM seats, before I bought these.

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