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Re-booted CV Axles with OEM Boots (update)

TL;DR - Couldn't be happier. I was considering getting some CVJs to replace my CVs, but I don't think I will anymore.

Having busted both of my inner CV boots after installing my ADS coilovers, I rebooted both CVs earlier in the year. They've held up great since then, and I think dialing down the pre-load on the ADS coils has resulted in a healthier angles for the CVs in general. When I rebooted the driver side CV, I had a problem with the tulip, but I've not had any issue with the rebuild since it's been on the truck. As such, I'm no longer planning to purchase a new CV from CVJ at this point...though I may in the future. Super happy with the CV Reboot Kit (04438-04021) and process at this point.

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