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ARB Fridge Cord Failure

TL;DR - The 12V power cord has a design flaw. ARB is good about standing behind their warranty however, and sent me a new one.

We love our ARB 50qt fridge - it is @mrs.turbdb's favorite "mod." However, after two+ years of regular use - say on the order of 175 nights camping - it's clear to me that there is a design flaw on the 12v ARB fridge power cord. Namely, the injection molding used for the right-angle plug that goes into the fridge has a seam that easily cracks, exposing the wiring - a possible short circuit/fire hazard.

I contacted ARB about this after returning from the IDBDR, sending them photos and telling them what happened. They very quickly sent out a replacement cord, which is great. Of course, it still has the same issue, so time will tell how it holds up.

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