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SCS Stealth6 Wheels Throw Too Much Mud

TL;DR - I love the look of these Stealth6's, but I'm on the hunt for new wheels; or at least some solution to the amount of mud that gets thrown into/onto the truck when I run around in wet weather.

I've really loved the look of the SCS Stealth6 wheels since I installed them. They are 16"x8" with 3.5" backspacing, which means they sit about an inch further outboard than stock wheels. That means that in muddy terrain, the mud gets everywhere, since they protrude an inch or so past the fender flares.

Apparently, I haven't been on a really muddy trip since I installed them, until the F.U.Rain 2018 trip. Actually, it's probably more correct to say that the type of mud was different on this trip - it was clay-based, and so clumps up in the tires, gets flung up into the air, and then sticks to whatever it lands on - in my case, the sides of the truck, the roof, the windshield, and the bed (the parts that aren't fully covered by the tent).

When I returned from the last trip, I had over 13 gallons of dry mud I removed from the truck before I even started washing it, and another 10+ gallons that were removed by the pressure washer. It was a colossal mess - especially in the bed, where it gets on everything - and an issue I want to solve moving forward.

I don't as yet know how. New wheels? Bigger fender flares? A combination?


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