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Military Medical Storage Containers

The small and medium size boxes.

TL;DR - These are some new containers that I got on a recommendation from Monte @Blackdawg, because they fit well in the bed of a first gen Tacoma. I've got to say, so far, I'm impressed. They are relatively light (for their size), waterproof, and durable. Oh, and they fit really well in the bed.

These containers were originally US Military medical containers, and are difficult to find, though you can sometimes find them at army surplus stores, or if you are lucky, on eBay. They come in three sizes (L x W x D inches):

  • Small - 32 x 20 x 7
  • Medium - 32 x 20 x 11
  • Large - 32 x 20 x 22

I really like the small and medium sizes. The large size containers are unwiedly in my opinion as they are (essentially) two medium containers stacked on top of each other, rather than a single deep container. As such, you can't really "fill them up" and then put on the lid like you can with the small and medium boxes.


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