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Connecting the Dots in Nevada (Oct 2023)

No matter where we travel, there always seem to be more to see than time to see it. The result - inevitably - is that areas are left un- or at the very least under-explored, leaving us wanting more; urging us to return.

Nevada is no exception. One of our first introductions to this fantastical state was along the Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route (NVBDR), a route that surprised us both with its beauty. Since then, we've returned several times, each time uncovering more and more that this underrated state has to offer.

But this time is a little different. Rather than heading to a specific region, we're looping through the state, jumping from place to place that we've discovered but - for one reason or another - have been unable to visit.

Hoping we can do it before the season runs out and the whole place is covered in snow. It's going to be a race, as we're Connecting the Dots in Nevada.


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