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Utah, Re-Ruined (Apr 2021)

We had unfinished business in Utah, after our Ruining Around Utah trip back in spring of 2019. An unseasonably wet winter meant that the higher elevation roads were still impassable due to snow, so one of our primary goals - the Lewis Lodge ruins - remained just out of reach. And I haven't gotten back since.

I'd had so much fun on that trip - searching for Native American ruins - that I decided it was time to go back. This time, the plan centered almost entirely around ruins - Lewis Lodge, Hotel Rock, Moon House, River House, Jailhouse, and wonders of Arch Canyon forming the backbone of the adventure. Of course, I'd see other things as well along the way as I travelled Cedar Mesa from Blanding to Bears Ears, and down Comb Ridge to Gooseneck State Park to Mexican Hat.

I'd get more than I bargained for, and then some. And I can't wait to go back again!


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