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What's wrong with the clutch? - The first tow

July 26, 2013.

We're headed home from work, just about to get on the freeway and I push the clutch in to change gears.

The clutch never comes up.

I reach down while trying to keep an eye on the road, squirm my fingers behind the pedal, and physically pull it back out. I'm now in 3rd gear. Not happy, we pull over before getting on the freeway and I give the clutch a try again.

The clutch never comes up.

At this point I know something's wrong, but I have no idea what, so I put the truck in second gear and off we go - a bit slow (with high RPMs) on the freeway, but we make it home. Then, for the first time ever, I call a tow truck and the truck gets towed off to the dealer.

Now, you'd think that with less than 60K miles, whatever was wrong with my clutch would be covered under warranty, but no. Apparently 14 years is longer than the warranty period (what?!) so replacing the clutch master and slave cylinders was on me.

Sure hope I never have to tow the truck again.



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