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Interesting Times with Cooper ST/Maxx

Valve stems that insert from the outside!

TL;DR - My Cooper ST/Maxx tires finally gave me a bit of trouble. Still, I'll probably buy a 5th set when these wear out because they've performed better than any other tire I've seen others run on the trail.

I had two flat tires on our recent trip to run the Plumas NF and Lassen NF trails in Northern California. The first wasn't really the tire's fault since I sheared off the valve stem; the second was a flat I got on the highway as we drove home.

That's not right, but at least the tire is fine!

That's not right either. After running on this for two miles or so at 65mph, even though it looks pretty normal, the tire is toast.

This is the first time - in more than 4 years and 19 (3 sets of 5 and a set of 4) Cooper ST/Maxx tires - that I've gotten a flat. Plus, in that time, I've only had one tear into a sidewall along Black Bear Pass in the Alpine Loop, so I'd say these are tough tires.

Luckily, for my most recent set of four tires - I only bought four this time because they'd increased in price by nearly $100/tire since my last purchase - I'd also bought the extended warranty, so SimpleTire replaced the freeway flat free of charge. For the valve stem, several folks mentioned a product I'd never heard of before, so I picked up a pair of Colby Valves that should allow me to repair a broken valve stem, should it ever happen again in the future!

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