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Coleman Camp Stove/Grill (improvement)

TL;DR - after modifying the propane neck to use a flexible tube, I like the stove even more.

The Coleman Camp Grill/Stove has continued to work well from a cooking perspective. It is super convenient to have a burner and a grill in a single unit. My biggest complaint about it was that the propane bottle sat diagonally behind the unit when it was in use, requiring a bunch of room behind the unit - inconvenient if it was setup on a tailgate or shallow-depth table. In fact, it was the reason I gave up on a fold-down table for my swingout, because there was just no way to make it deep enough for the stove + propane bottle.

However, a recent modification to the neck has changed everything. The mod works so well - and allows so much flexibility in where the propane sits - that I can't believe this isn't the design from the factory. This is a tweak that I recommend everyone who has a propane stove - regardless of make or model - perform. You'll love it!

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