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Coleman Camp Stove/Grill (updated)

TL;DR - I found solutions for both the wind screens and keeping the bottom of the grill clean of drippings. I really like this stove now.

I added the Coleman Camp Stove/Grill back on the F.U.Rain trip. As I noted, I liked it for the most part, but the securing mechanisms for the wind screens seemed poorly designed. After looking things over, I was able to fix it reasonably simply - I made what turned out to be two popsicle sticks from some scrap maple hanging out down in the shop. These can be inserted into the securing mechanism, making it impossible for the wind screens to dislodge. When not in use, they can just be left on the "floor" of the burner, so they pack along with the grill. Problem solved!

I also made a second tweak to this setup, which I'm really liking. When using the grill side of the stove, juices from burgers, steak, etc. would drip down onto the bottom of the stove and were hard to clean up (and over time make the kitchen box stink). So, I gave it a thorough cleaning and then lined the bottom with some aluminum foil. Works a charm to catch all the drips, and then at the end of the trip, I simply toss the foil liner.



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