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A Better Coleman Camp Stove/Grill

TL;DR - I've moved from the traditional two-burner camp stove to a one-burner + grill, and this works fantastically for the type of cooking I like to do on trips.

I like this new Coleman Camp Stove/Grill. Seems to have the benefits of a smaller camp stove from a packing and propane usage perspective, while retaining the ability to grill (for a family of 3-4). Definitely better than the previous setup. Two non-ideal things that I'll need to fix over time:

  1. The dials for the burners seem overly sensitive - they seem to have "off" and "high."
  2. More importantly though, the latches to keep the wind screens attached to the top are very easily dislodged, causing the whole thing to "fall apart." It's loud, and inconvenient, though doesn't affect the cook performance.


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