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Hi-Lift (update)

TL;DR - It's more valuable than I'd given it credit for. Mine is a little "sticky" going up and down - likely a result of how I store it.

I've carried the Hi-Lift since I've started going on these longer trips, but up until now, I've never used it (on my own truck) and others who have used it have noticed that it's a bit sticky in its operation. This trip, I used it 4 times in one day and really got a sense for how it works.

I can't stress enough how important it is for everyone who carries a Hi-Lift to get a sense for how your specific Hi-Lift works.

It's definitely stickier than when I rebuilt it (How-To: Servicing, Cleaning, and Rebuilding a Hi-Lift), but I think that's due to how I store it - exposed to the elements - on the side of my rack. I've considered getting a cover for the mechanism, but really - a good dousing with WD-40 before and during use seems to be enough to get it working properly again.

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