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Relentless Skid Plate Attachment (Again)

TL;DR - The middle two mounts on the mid skid broke off again. I need to come up with a new way to secure the mid-skid at the crossmember.

Back when we ran the Whipsaw Trail, I had some issues with the Relentless skids, which I addressed in the Rig Review. Two of those issues have been resolved for some time - the front mounts were re-drilled and tapped, and I added rivnuts to the rear-most mounts for the mid-skid to keep the bolts from ripping out of the thin frame. But the third issue - that the crossmember mounts keep shearing off - is the one that is still a problem. I've welded those mounts back onto the skid three times now, and over the last few trips, they ripped off again.

Time to find a different mounting strategy - perhaps some bolts that go up through the crossmember. Ultimate design TBD.

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