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The ARB Fridge Died

My $1000 ARB fridge, now a glorified ice chest.

TL;DR - I'm not happy at all that the ARB fridge wouldn't cool on my last trip. I'm going to be reaching out to ARB support to (hopefully) get the issue resolved.

When I showed up in Las Vegas for Three Days of R&R, I followed my usual procedures, picking up the Tacoma from storage, turning on the various systems, and then heading to the grocery store to provision the fridge with a few days' worth of food.

As I was stopped for gas on my way to Utah, I happened to glance at the control panel for the fridge and noticed that it hadn't gotten any cooler than when I'd turned it on a couple hours earlier. No bueno. Thinking that there might just be some electrical glitch, I turned it off for 10 minutes, then turned it back on and continued on my way for another hour. Knowing that I'd need a solution, I pulled over at the last grocery store along my route, and sure enough, the temperature still hadn't dropped. Dang!

I don't know exactly what the issue is at this point, but my hope is that it's something simple and that ARB will stand behind their product even though it's out of warranty. It's been an invaluable bit of gear for our adventures, so I'll be getting this issue resolved quickly - one way or another.

2023-05 Update: After contacting ARB support - a rather disappointing experience where they were not at all helpful - I've purchased a new fridge. And it's not an ARB.


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