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Cooper ST/Maxx Tires (update)

TL;DR - I have four brand new 255/85 R16 ST/Maxx tires on the truck now. Again.

I looked around a bit for new tires, given that my ST/Maxx were on their last legs. I also did a bit more digging into why mine were so worn out, as I noticed that the fronts were worse off than the rears. Or rather, the current fronts were worse, as I've been doing a really good job of rotating on every oil change.

Turns out that my alignment was total crap, and I got that addressed just before getting a new set of 255/85 R16 Cooper ST/Maxx. These tires haven't let me down on the trail, and I really like the highway manners as well, so I decided to go with them again. If I could have found something in the 255/85 R16 size in a C-load (instead of E), I'd have gone with that, but I couldn't, so I'm sticking with something that works really well. After this last trip to the Naches Trail, I'm glad I did - I don't think I could have made it with my old (bald) tires.

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