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I'm (Eventually) Changing my Wheel/Tire Setup

These are 17x7.5" double five-spoke from an early 2000s Sequoia. With 4.5" backspacing, they are perfect for a 1st gen Tacoma.

TL;DR - I'm done with 16" wheels and the limited tire selection they offer. My next set of tires (and therefore wheels) will be 17".

I don't need new tires quite yet, but mine will only last another 6-9 months. Finding skinny 16" tires (255/85/R16) with a hybrid AT/MT tread pattern is nearly impossible, so I'm moving to 17" wheels for more options. I've already got the new wheels - which the ever-helpful Zane picked up for me for a steal - and after some cleaning and several coats of my favorite bronze coating, they are going to be fantastic.

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