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My Tent Lighting Works Great, But I Want to Change It

TL;DR - currently I have 12V LED strip lighting in my tent and it works great. However, I want to update the lighting to use 5v, so I can power it from a (more versatile) USB port, rather than using a 12v receptacle.

One of the things that my newly found perfect charger illuminated for me is that charging my laptop can be done with any USB-C charger; I don't need to use the power brick that came with the laptop. As such, I'd like to update the power box in the bed of the truck - currently equipped with two (2), 12V receptacles - to have a USB charger as one of the form factors. This, however, will mean that one of the 12V receptacles will have to go, and since the fridge needs to keep running in order for me to not die from food poisoning, that means the LED lights in my tent will need to change from 12V to 5V lights.

I don't know any of the details as of yet, but this is a change that's in the works. Sometimes "the works" can be pretty slow, though.

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