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LCA & Front Biff Bushings Worn Out

TL;DR - Like lights, bushings wear out, and I'll be replacing several on the front of the truck. The LCA bushings are likely the cause of my misalignment as well, so I'll get that addressed after I replace the bushings.

Over the last few trips, the bushings in my lower control arms have been getting louder and louder. This is understandable - they are after-all, original and 21 years old. Additionally, when I removed the front skid plate to extract and replace the bolts in the rear mounts, I noticed that the front diff bushings are also completely worn, so those will need to be replaced as well.

I'll be replacing the LCA bushings with Strongflex Lower Control Arm Bushings (Tacoma, 4Runner), and the front diff bushings with Durobump Front Diff Bushings.

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