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The Floor of My Tent Has Holes in It

Repeated use has worn through the aluminum skin of the floor.

TL;DR - The two spots where the ladder rests on the bottom of the tent have developed holes in the aluminum floor.

My Mt. Shasta Pioneer roof top tent (RTT) from Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) has been fantastic since I ordered and picked it up in 2016. Sure, I've had the standard issue of the zipper on the cover getting stuck and wearing out (which I've covered in several rig reviews), but CVT support was fantastic and got a new cover sent out to me free of charge. Combined with an Exped Megamat (acquisition, 1-year review), I really couldn't be happier with a shelter that's provided more than 1000 nights of sleep for @mrs.turbodb and me.

Not too long ago, Mike @Digiratus picked up a new hard-shell tent, and when I asked why he moved away from his CVT, one of the things he mentioned was that there were holes developing in the bottom where the ladder pressed on the aluminum skin as the tent was leveraged open. I'd never really considered that, but I've been keeping an eye on the same location on my tent since then, and recently I noticed that holes were beginning to form on mine as well.

I don't think that these holes will cause any real problems - after all, they are on the bottom of the floor, and the aluminum skin isn't structural - but I might as well patch them up just in case. It shouldn't be too hard given that I still have a bit of aluminum hanging around from the roof rack that I built for our family 4Runner.

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