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Relentless Skid Plate Attachment (resolved)

It's always fun to drill a square hole.

TL;DR - I finally got off my butt and fixed the skid plate by cutting a square hole so I can use a carriage bolt to secure it to the transmission crossmember, rather than the small welded ears that kept breaking off.

For over a year, the center attachment point of my mid-skid has been broken off. It's not a big deal, because I really only run my mid-skid when I feel like I'm going to need it, and that's not very often - usually about once a year on my annual 2-week trip with buddies. With that coming up for this year, and with unknown terrain ahead of me in Canada, I decided I should get the skid sorted.

So, I measured for, drilled, and filed, a couple of holes for carriage bolts to extend up through the transmission cross member. So far, it seems to work a charm. I'm going to run it this way for a while, but I may ultimately cut out a small section and weld in a plate to make a little recess for the head of the bolt.

Should be more secure than some cantilevered mounts.

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